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Research and Development has three sets (including center) shall have charge of matters such as the following:
School Development Division
(1) Matters relating to the mid-term plan and the application for grants from the Ministry of Education.
(2) Relevant matters concerning awards and subsidies for academic research in our university.
(3) Related to academic ethics in our school.
(4) Related to school affairs evaluation and visiting planning of the Ministry of Education.
(5) Related to the management of the higher education database of the Ministry of Education.
(6) Information maintenance, financial and school affairs information publicity in the special area of award and subsidy for school affairs publicity.
(7) Other research related matters.
二、Industry-Academia Collaboration and Project Management Division
(1) The Ministry of Science and Technology shall coordinate its business and apply for related matters.
(2) Relating to the planning, application and announcement of cooperative tenders.
(3) Planning and promoting related matters of school-wide production-learning cooperation.
(4) Planning for innovation and development and promoting related matters.
(5) Other matters related to Industrial-university cooperation.

三、Extension Education Center
(1) Handling matters related to the promotion of educational curricula.
(2) Handling matters related to the courses of credit classes in various school systems.
(3) Handling matters related to educational and training courses commissioned by government units.
(4) Handling matters related to the training quality evaluation of the Labour Development Department of the Ministry of Labor.
(5) Handling the relevant matters of the curriculum of Leling University.
(6) Other matters relating to the promotion of education.